Healthcare IT Solutions and Services

As a leading provider of affordable and interoperable healthcare IT platform solutions, Medsphere GSD offers healthcare transformation through IT innovation, specializing in the modernization of EHR systems. We also commercialize modular, customizable solutions that provide options in functionality, and greater interoperability with third-party and legacy systems.

Medsphere GSD professionals are uniquely qualified to work with the VistA electronic health record and systems derived from VistA. Using VistA code, Medsphere created the enhanced OpenVista® system for the community health marketplace and is a key developer of both VA VistA and the Indian Health Service's (IHS) Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS), a VistA-based solution. The enhancements to VistA we've developed include immunization tracking and data exchange, prenatal care functionality, mobile device validation and development, and scheduling GUIs.

Medsphere GSD's core expertise incorporates four general areas:

  • Program and Project Management
  • Systems and Software Engineering
  • Testing, Evaluation and Training
  • Operations and Maintenance

The Medsphere GSD team is experienced in a wide variety of knowledge areas oriented around the convergence of healthcare IT and patient care:

  • Meaningful Use                                  
  • ICD-10
  • Cache
  • HL7 interfaces
  • HIS applications
  • Quality control
  • Training
  • Help desk call resolution
  • Information technology architectures
  • Optimal patient care workflows

Acquire and Apply Comprehensive Expertise

Medsphere GSD's certified professionals deliver appropriate, targeted solutions and include MUMPS programmers, PharmDs, RNs and clinicians, computer-assisted coding experts, GUI and middle-tier developers, quality control and assurance managers, test engineers, HL7 engineers, documentation and training specialists, implementation specialists and help desk support technicians.

Demonstrate Success Through Collaboration

Medsphere GSD maintains exceptional teaming partnerships and is known throughout the industry as a trustworthy, confident and flexible partner. The Medsphere GSD team was recognized for helping the IHS become the first federal agency to achieve Meaningful Use Stage 1 certification; we are currently providing support to IHS for Stage 2 and leveraging the knowledge and expertise gained to support Meaningful Use certification at the VA. Medsphere GSD has also provided VistA expertise and experience with modern platforms, technologies, frameworks and programming languages to the HP Open Community Team, an award winner in the VA Medical Appointment Scheduling Contest.

Deliver Best Practice Management

Medsphere GSD principles are derived from predominant development methodologies, including SEI, ITIL, PMI, Agile development and the Veteran-focused Integration Process (VIP). Reducing development time through innovation is a cornerstone of our commitment to all clients.  Medsphere GSD participates in initiatives such as VistA Evolution, which makes it easier for VA to take advantage of outside development and incorporate open source development into VistA.