Testing, Evaluation and Training

Medsphere GSD's testing approach begins with methodological planning and the development of a detailed master test plan, which includes creating a controlled testing environment, a test database, test cases and test scripts. We also create System Requirements and System Design Documents (SRD and SDD, respectively) to define functional requirements and associated components, and then use a test log/traceability matrix to map individual requirements to specific tests and results.

Medsphere GSD uses automated unit testing frameworks, where possible, and JUnit for Java-based environments. Our expertise includes functional, system, integration, compatibility, regression, defect, QA, Alpha/Beta, user acceptance and validation testing.

To increase efficiency and reduce error, we employ automated testing tools such as SmartBear TestComplete and QAComplete, Test Manager, Python and Perl. Our quality assurance (QA) team addresses each type of test to ensure all functions are adequately tested and meet or exceed performance requirements. In addition, Medsphere GSD offers independent verification and validation to ensure proper integration, which includes review, evaluation, validation and verification of procedures and methodologies used in development, testing, maintaining and securing third-party systems/software.

Medsphere GSD's training expertise includes the development of training events and learning sessions for healthcare organizations, particularly those working in a collaborative environment. Our established track record includes developing and delivering national, regional, on-site and web-based (pre-recorded and live, user-driven and facilitator-led) training to end users at the Indian Health Service and other healthcare organizations.

Our training approach considers attendee composition and existing knowledge level, number of attendees, complexity and impact of training topic and any associated risks. Where possible, we believe training should be delivered as a ‘hands-on’ experience within a secure training environment. Medsphere GSD believes that effective and successful training begins with rigorous preparation and continues beyond delivery of the training event. By leveraging our experience in industry best practices, improvement principals and change management, we offer support for all of our client’s needs.