Interfaces and Technical Solutions

Medsphere GSD's Interfaces and Technical Solutions Group (ITSG) offers a comprehensive suite of interfaces based on industry Health Level 7 ( and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. ITSG has senior level expertise in both analysis and programming, and offers a full service, turnkey delivery model for interface development.

Medsphere has earned a reputation as one of the premiere providers of interface services throughout the healthcare community. With extensive expertise in legacy VistA and Vista-derived components and the technologies used to modernize these components, ITSG offers superior integration of open platform and commercial software with VA VistA, the Indian Health Service's (IHS) Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) and OpenVista solutions.

ITSG builds on that reputation through delivery of quality enterprise interface solutions to our diverse client base. Understanding the unique integration needs of VistA, RPMS and OpenVista positions ITSG as the service provider of choice for integrated solutions across our client base.

Demonstrated Experience with Large-Scale Healthcare Systems

Medsphere GSD expertise derives from hundreds of task and work orders awarded by IHS, VA and the Department of Defense (DoD), in addition to commercial clients. Medsphere expertise and experience encompasses patient-centric, point of care, fully integrated healthcare systems.

Team of VistA Experts

Medsphere GSD offers an established history with VistA and systems derived from VistA, and has worked with dozens of client technical and clinical teams providing complete systems development life cycle (SDLC) support of VistA-based interfaces and applications.

Expertise to Modernize Legacy Components

Medsphere GSD has the ability to commercialize modular, customizable solutions that provide options in functionality, as well as greater interoperability with third-party and legacy systems.

Flexible Solutions

Our comprehensive suite of interfaces based on industry HL7 and ANSI standards offer superior integration with RPMS, VistA, and VistA-derivatives.

With just under 100 interfaces already developed, Medsphere GSD Interfaces and Technical Solutions Group has the capability to create new interfaces or leverage those already developed.